Meet the Thomsen’s

Hello! We are the Thomsen family! the 3 of us are: husband Jeff, wife Sam, and daughter Ava. This is the story of our life ♡


Jeff and Sam met in 2011 at a mutual friends home. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on, and she thought he was funny and cute. They became friends, and ever so slowly, totally fell in love with each other ♡


Some time later, Jeff decided it was time to do something about their love for each other, and so, on a beautiful summers day he asked Sam to be his forever and of course she said yes ♡


August 2014 they sealed the deal with a kiss and drove off in to the unknown of this new and exciting life ♡


And, as if the first chapter in what will always be our favorite storybook wasn’t exciting enough, chapter two arrived ♡


In January 2016, a weary stork alighted on a certain window, in a certain house, in a certain town, and laid his little pink bundle in the arms of an overjoyed mama and a very proud papa ♡

DSC_0005 (4)

Our life is so full of love, laughter and beauty it can’t help but spill over a little here and there ♡ feel free to come along with us on some of our adventures, and may you be blessed by what is written and shown ♡

the Thomsen family


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