a Glimpse of Today, which is Monday.


Don’t let the cuteness of our little darling fool you, she has been quite the grump today. I’m hoping the nap she is now taking on my arm will help improve her mood, if not, Lord help me, and send Jeff home early!

This little girl makes me so proud and happy to be her mama! Everyday she takes this heart of mine and winds it ’round her little finger tighter and tighter. I look forward to her growing and becoming a little lady, but right now I am happy to have the cuddly baby that needs me, because all too soon she won’t.

Today, I have not only manged to make, pour, stir and sip my coffee, I have also taken a shower and not only shaved both armpits but both legs as well!
Quite the accomplishment when one has a cantankerous wee one.
imageYesterday we got to spend the day all together as a family, and it was lovely!              Then today, knowing how much I miss him while he is away working to provide for us, Jeff has been sharing bits of what his day has been like so far via texts and pictures. The last picture I received was of a dog sitting under a sagebush, and the first of a big ol’ mama cow stretched out and a guy pulling her calf by hand, hopefully that one ends “happily ever after,” and mama and baby trot off together and nobody gets kicked in the face…

And that has been our day up to this point. On the list of things that need to get done:

  • one of us needs to do a little horse training
  • one of us still needs to make a grocery list
  • one of us needs a bath and a nap
  • And we all need to take a little trip to the store to replenish our food supply


the Thomsen’s


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