Welcome to CBSA (Compulsive Bargain Shoppers Anonymous)

Hello, my name is Samantha Thomsen, I am a compulsive bargain shopper and I am ready to admit I have a problem.

Seriously guys, I can help it. Those little red tags speak to me in a way only other CBS sufferers would understand! The struggle is so real at times, it’s like things fly off of the shelf/rack and in to my hand/cart by their own free will! And Yesterday is a perfect example of what I am talking about;

I was originally heading to Target to look at their toddler carseats, that way when it comes time to move Ava up I know what our options are. Anyway, before going in to Target I decided to run in next door to Runway Fashion to quickly examine their selection of shirts, having every intention to not buy anything…

(Of course we all know what they say about intentions and a very hot place)

30 minutes later I come strolling out with 2 new shirts and a brand-new dress (like I need another dress!)I am now the proud owner of 23 dresses.

As I walk out, I give myself a stern lecture on not spending anymore money on clothing, that I am to go in to Target, I am not to look at the clothing section, that I am to go straight to the infant section, look at carseats and then walk straight out of there with ne’r a glance in the direction of the tempting sales rack!

I bought 2 of the cutest sweaters you will ever see! (and didn’t even sort of make it to the carseats)

And now for the fun part!


The “Clint Eastwood”

Cute Knox Rose open front poncho

Regular price  $29.99

I paid $8.98

The “Autumn Scholar

Soft, long, neutral colored, stripped sweater with pockets by Mossimo

Regular price  $24.99

I paid $7.48

The “Floral Affair
Lovely Rue21 pink floral chiffon top

Regular price  $16.99

I paid $4.00

the “Wall Flower

Pretty flower and lace top by American Rag (kinda reminds me of living room wallpaper and lace curtains… if you have ever seen the living room of the house I grew up in you would understand why).

Regular price $ unknown

I paid $5.00

The “It Has Pockets!” dress

Coral print dress from Maurice’s

Regular price  $39.00

I paid  $8.00

Thanks for visiting!


Mrs. Thomsen


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kay says:

    Quite amazing Sam. You go girl!


    Grandma Kay


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