Put your hair up, mama!

So I had a pretty bad day this week.

I was cranky, hot, exhausted; I felt ugly and fat and didn’t have the energy to handle little life matters that kept coming up. So I spent the day angry-cleaning my bedroom and bursting into tears whenever something went wrong, which seemed like every 5 minutes, until my hubster came home and told me he loved me and that everything was just fine.

The next day I was still feeling low.

In the morning time I attended an essential oils make-and-take class leaving Jeff to get some much needed rest. I left the house wearing a floor-length, heavyweight dark dress and had only taken the time to throw my hair into a ponytail. Not the most glamorous look nor the smartest choice in clothing when it’s 93° out! (I’m on the left)

After I got home I was again starting to feel hot, cranky and all the aforementioned emotions. my very caring husband sweetly pointed out to me that it was probably due to me being dressed the way I was, and then he dragged me back to our closet and helped me choose something a lot shorter and a whole lot cuter.

I spent a good amount of time putting myself together and carefully choosing my accessories. The result was a lightheartedness that I hadn’t felt for awhile; I didn’t feel fat, I didn’t fell ugly, I did however feel pretty and womanly.

I used to think that it wasn’t important to actually deliberately stop and do something for your own personal benefit, that it was even vain to put everyone else aside and just do something for you, of course I thought all of this before I had a one and a half year old that sometimes demanded the moon.

What I have had to come to terms with is that you can get so wrapped up in being wife and mommy and housekeeper and making time for everyone else, fixing all the boo-boos and issues, making time for all the hobbies and projects, that you can forget about who you are and that you too have hobbies and dreams and projects of your own and that just because you are now so much more than a carefree girl, that does not mean you can no longer pursue what you used to love and be passionate about. After all, when we became wife we did not cease to love our self, and when becoming mommy we most certainly didn’t stop loving husband.

So stop a minute there, dear mama. Put your hair up, do your makeup, choose your outfit carefully, and for goodness sake, TAKE A SHOWER! It’s not just for your own good, but also for your families good

Because, as we all know,

“When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”



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  1. Kay says:

    You are so right! Sometimes doing the smallest thing for ourselves is all it takes. You are so loved and cherished not only by Jeff but many others so never forget that. Keep up the great writing. I love your posts.

    Grandma Kay


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