This guy’s in love with you

Thy say, “every couple has a song,” well, if that is an accurate truth, than I claim this one for our own Advertisements

The Cabin

Out of the two tiny houses I photographed, the cabin was my favorite! Rescued off of a pivot, the outside is the original frame, and the beams inside are cedar logs that they grew mushrooms on to give it a real rustic feel. The front door is an old door off of Bloomingdale’s NY, and…

the “She Shed”

I had the opportunity to photograph other peoples hard work this past weekend. My husbands aunt and uncle have taken a couple of unwanted sheds, loved on them, and turned them into beautiful works of art! And this is their payoff: From behind the lens, XOXO

a Glimpse of Today, which is Monday.

Don’t let the cuteness of our little darling fool you, she has been quite the grump today. I’m hoping the nap she is now taking on my arm will help improve her mood, if not, Lord help me, and send Jeff home early! This little girl makes me so proud and happy to be her…

Meet the Thomsen’s

Hello! We are the Thomsen family! the 3 of us are: husband Jeff, wife Sam, and daughter Ava. This is the story of our life β™‘ Jeff and Sam met in 2011 at a mutual friends home. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on, and she thought he was…